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Our Security Solutions

SpaceBound Solutions works closely with some of the world's most prominent and respected security, infrastructure and backup companies in the world to bring you services and solutions you can count on when it matters most. Whether you need new equipment, want to look at leasing options, have considered migrating to the cloud or want to make sure your network and employees are secure; SpaceBound can help you build the right solution to fit your needs.

For more information, email Sales@SpaceBoundSolutions.com or call 440.355.8008.

Network & Infrastructure

Looking to upgrade your data center? Not sure if your wireless network is as secure as it could be? Are you unsure how to migrate to the cloud? What happens if we lose power? SpaceBound Solutions can help you with all aspects of your Network Infrastructure.

Endpoint Security

With all of the changes over the past year, are you certain your endpoint devices are secure? Our endpoint solutions cover all endpoints such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices and printers. Secure your network from risky activity or malicious attacks.

Backup & Recovery

Ransomware, natural disasters, employee errors, hardware failures are just some of the ways your organization could lose access to your data. Do you have a backup and recovery solution? Are you sure you have the best solution for your needs? Let us work with you to ensure your data is securely backup up and maintained.

Cloud Security

Just moving your information to the cloud doesn’t make it safe. Whether you have a hybrid model or have fully transitioned to the cloud, let SpaceBound Solutions help ensure your data, applications and infrastructure are secure.

SBS Security Assessment Services

Think you’re protected? Most organizations don’t know they are vulnerable until its too late. While no one can ever be 100%, our assessment services will help to ensure that your organization has identified potential vulnerabilities and can work with you to create a plan of action to resolve.

Penetration Testing

Review of your cybersecurity defense posture. This penetration testing service can show the necessary conditions and methods used to exploit vulnerabilities. Penetration testing will also reveal pathways that lead to sensitive data disclosure and prove which vulnerabilities should be prioritized for remediation.

Vulnerability Assessment

Get a comprehensive view of technical vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations that attackers can exploit. Vulnerability Assessments can provide a full risk analysis and provide methods to allocate limited resources efficiently.

Security Maturity Assessment

This is a complementary 90 minute assessment that can reveal a comprehensive overview of your current security practices. This assessment will run your system through an evaluation to gather information about the current security controls. We can then help to reveal any potential flaws in your infrastructure and present a report including a security score, summary of events and a plan of action to increase your security posture.

Remote Secure Evaluations

This is a new service that will help to review your security policies, technologies and security practices as it pertains to securing your remote workforce. This evaluation will be performed by an independent 3rd party team of cybersecurity experts and give you the ability to assess individual remote employees to gauge their understanding and implementation of, as well as adherence to company security policies. These interviews will identify key security risk areas and provide high-level recommendations to address risk gaps.

Results from interviews are compiled and delivered as a detailed report that will have an executive summary, identification of major security gaps and how to address the risks identified. This report will also include a recommended Unified Threat Management solution that will help to protect your employees home offices. The UTM solution is offered as a subscription based product that offers extra protection against malware and secures sensitive information that is accessed regularly.