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Security Assessment Service (SAS)

SchoolsSecurity is an issue that must be addressed by all companies. At one time or another your business will be faced with security issues that can immobilize your network system. We can address these concerns and provide your company with a secure infrastructure. Breaches of security can be either from an internal or an external source in the form of spam, viruses or spyware. We can offer your company several monitoring solutions that will protect your infrastructure and provide you with specific information about your network.

  • • In-depth infrastructure analysis
  • • IT security consulting
  • • Solutions and proactive monitoring

A lack of security assurance is the largest obstacle when growing your Internet presence. Securing the integrity of valuable business assets and transactions is crucial. Companies need to require assurance that data, and systems are protected from intrusions, theft and sabotage.

Engaging our Network Security Assessment Service (SAS) enables your company to focus on core business issues instead of running vulnerability searches. A Security Engineer begins with an initial security planning consultation. Through a number of Vulnerability tests scans, we can identify misconfigured and unconfigured software, as well as bugs, back doors and obsolete product versions. Each test scans repeatedly for all known vulnerabilities, while producing a structured report that allows for consistent comparison of results over time. This report will prioritize risks, and recommend the action to implement. We will then engage all security fixes as requested.

Once the initial assessment is complete, regular scheduled vulnerability test scans are recommended to measure your security posture. This subscription approach avoids the cost of in-house expertise while retaining the flexibility to obtain an accurate security assessment on demand.