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Video Intercoms

Spacebound Solutions will work with the client to create a convenient system that allows users to interact face to face - where the client is able to see who is at the door, walking around, or spot any possible criminal activity.


Spacebound Solutions will:

·  Work with the client to provide professional insight to create an accurate assessment of which doors need access control strikes, door locks, and positioning of the video intercoms in accordance with ADA standards. 

·  Install high-quality products from our certified and trusted brands. *

·  Run cables in accordance with local and national guidelines, terminate, test, and validate that all cables are operable at the time of installation.

·  Install and connect the purchased video intercoms, monitors and/or tablets. 

·  Connect each door lock and/or strike to the video intercom controller.
·  Work with the client to integrate time schedules, facial recognition, and specialty settings (where applicable) for door access and video intercom usage. 

·  Work with the client’s IT department to properly install equipment and integrate it with the client’s current network. 

·  Train key personnel and provide the client with personal credentials to access and control the access control software locally and/or remotely. 

·  Answer any questions the client may have about the installation or control of the devices, on site, and up to 30-Days by phone. 

[* We only offer NDAA compliant products. We also offer and install TAA compliant products when required. These products are designed for the federal market, via GSA Schedule contracts. To learn more about SpaceBound Solutions NDAA and TAA (where applicable) compliant products, contact us today]