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Environmental Sensors

Our team will survey and consult with the owner or person in charge to identify security risks and create a plan to limit and protect any unprotected areas in order to maintain a protected building, school, or home, 


Spacebound Solutions will:

·  Install High-quality environmental sensors from our certified leading brands; all brands will be in accordance with federal and local regulations. *

·  Provide and install (from the agreed-upon purchases) all devices necessary to optimize the performance of the sensors.

·  Run all cables in accordance with local and national guidelines, terminate, test, and validate that all cables are operable at the time of installation.

·  Integrate all sensors with the installed monitoring hardware and/or software.

·  Test, configure, and evaluate the location to provide what is believed to be the best area of protection.

·  If necessary, coordinate with the client’s IT department to properly install equipment and integrate it with the client’s current network.

·  Train key personnel and provide the client with personal credentials to access and control the environmental sensors locally and/or remotely.

·  Answer any questions the client may have about the installation or control of the devices, on site, and up to 30-Days by phone.

[* We only offer NDAA compliant products. We also offer and install TAA compliant products when required. These products are designed for the federal market, via GSA Schedule contracts. To learn more about SpaceBound Solutions NDAA and TAA (where applicable) compliant products, contact us today]