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Structured Cabling

Spacebound Solutions’ experienced team will expertly run cables in an organized manner, creating a non-intrusive way to meet the client’s low voltage needs. 


Spacebound Solutions will:

·  Consult with the Client to determine the best routes to run the cables. 

·  Install all low voltage cables in accordance with federal regulations. *

·  Provide and install (from the agreed-upon purchases) all devices necessary to optimize the performance of the cabling including but not limited to wall-mounted brackets, bridal rings, and all other cable management hardware. 

·  Terminate, test, and validate that all cables are operable at the time of installation (where applicable).

·  Provide the client with an accurate diagram of the cables and numbering after the installation. 

·  Answer any questions the client may have about the installation and the control of the devices.
[* We only offer NDAA compliant products. We also offer and install TAA compliant products when required. These products are designed for the federal market, via GSA Schedule contracts. To learn more about SpaceBound Solutions NDAA and TAA (where applicable) compliant products, contact us today]