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SpaceBound Solutions Endpoint Security services provide a comprehensive approach to detecting and protecting you from threats that pose a risk to your organizations’ cybersecurity ecosystem. SBS Endpoint Security services include:

• Utilize intelligence and machine learning to provide a comprehensive and adaptive protection paradigm to managed endpoints
• Detect unauthorized behaviors of users, applications and network servers
• Block suspicious actions before they execute
• Analyze suspicious app activity
• Virus and Malware protection
• Protect against various scripts such as JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell, macros and more
• Whitelist legitimate scripts
• Block unwanted web content
• Detect phishing attempts and prevent content from low reputation IP addresses

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• Detect Unauthorized Behaviors
• Block Suspicious Activity
• Analyze Suspicious Activity
• Virus and Malware Protection
• Protect Against Scripts
• Block Unwanted Web Content
• Detect Phishing Attempts

SBS Managed Services:

Backup and Recovery Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Remote Support Endpoint Security Server Maintenance Hardware/Software Provisioning Patch Management Network Assessment and Review Business Critical Technical Support Physical Security
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